Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Wacky Six

Every month, when I write these posts about Boo Boo, I agonize over if it sounds braggy to go on and on about how awesome and skilled this baby is.  Now I have decided that is silly because he does things and I record them, whether they happen early, late or right on time.  And of course he just does things as he does them, not because he was given a detailed list of milestones and when to achieve them--he always loses it, no matter how many times I print it out!

And now, after that rambling disclaimer, let us get to the update!  Babycakes is six months old now, and he is more fun all the time.  He continues to do some things--always chewing, always grabbing, always chirping and squealing--and he's working on some new skills too.  He's pushing up on all fours and sometimes scooting backwards.  He's gotten better at rolling around outside his crib, rotates all around and goes from sitting to lying down.  Sometimes in the morning I find him in his crib all turned around at the other end, playing with his little stuffed fish.   

He had his first taste of solids on his six month mark, and did not much care for eating the sweet potatoes but did enjoy mashing them.  We also tried out a sippy cup, and he got the hang of how to work it pretty quick--though he did not seem very impressed with the taste of water.

In this past month he gave up his last "night" feeding that used to happen between 5:30 and 6:00, and now really sleeps through the night from about 7:30 to 7:00.  Of course I still have to give him the binky/pull him out of the corner/roll him over in the night, but that's fine.  He also went to two longer naps because his three short naps were making me nuts, and he adjusted to that like a champ.  Truly, he is an amenable baby. 

Recently he's started giving me what I like to call hugs and kisses.  In other words, he grabs onto me really tight, and then he will open his mouth super wide and put it on my face.  Perhaps he just wants to eat me, but I like calling them kisses.  Also he is MUCH better about stranger danger these days, just in time for Christmas!

We visited the doctor this month, where he got a clean bill of health, a final round of shots and a new set of stats.  Weight: 18.18 lbs (61%), height: 28 in. (92%), head: 17.3 in. (56%).  He went down a bit, percentile-wise, in height and weight, but he is growing well and I'm not concerned about it at all.

Push ups!

This is how I find him after naps.  So excited to be awake!
Sometimes he gets in touch with his crafty side.  Collages, anyone?

Mmm, sweet potatoes.
One day he didn't want to take a nap and I was getting frustrated so I just put him in his bed and he immediately closed his eyes and went to sleep.  Then I felt bad.  And then I took this picture because he was so cute.
He MIGHT be outgrowing his jeans...

Overall, he continues to be a happy, energetic, good natured, wiggly, charming, squealy, roaring, funny baby.  Sometimes I miss that little stationary lump of a baby, but when he's this cute and this fun, it's hard to complain about anything.

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