Thursday, January 09, 2014

Pretend December

Sometimes, when one goes away for Christmas, one does not blog at all.  Which is fine, except I have so many Christmasy blog posts to blog and to post!  My solution to this very serious problem is to pretend it is still December--hence, Pretend December.  It could also be called "I Made Stuff for Christmas So Look at It!"

But before I delve too greedily into the crafts of this past Christmas, here are just a few fun things to get into the Christmas spirit.  First off, I took pictures of Boo Boo playing with some Christmas lights.  Yes, Pinterest gets to me sometimes, even when I am not actually on it.  So, here:

Cute, right?  He was torn between eating the lights and unplugging them, but only succeeded at one of them.  

And lastly, our Christmas card this year.  For once we actually underordered so cards didn't make it to all our peeps, but it's okay because apparently we have more friends than we thought!  That's never a bad thing.  Anyway, Drew's sister Cami took the picture for us on Thanksgiving and we did the rest ourselves.  Look at that baby!

Look at that baby some more:

Happy Christmas!

(Also: no, I'm still not using Babycakes's name on the blog, but I'll make an exception for this picture.  Did you see his face?  DID YOU?)


  1. Aww, cute. More please!

  2. I saw it! I see it each day, lucky me. XD Yay for Pretend December!

  3. Bobo's little newsie hat! It gets me every time!

    1. It was a sad day when he got too big for it. I should have bought it in like ten sizes for the rest of his childhood!