Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pretember: Pants for the Wearing

When I got my sewing machine for Christmas last year (=2012), Drew requested I make him something.  Instead I made myself something, made Babycakes several somethings and even made somethings for other babies.  Then came Christmas and it was finally Drew's turn. 

Once upon a time, last spring, Drew found some Kermit fabric perfect for pajama pants.  Naturally, we said "Let's get it next time" and, naturally, there wasn't enough left next time.  Fortunately, my mama came to visit after Babycakes was born and she found enough in St. Louis before her flight.  Mama to the rescue!

And then, naturally, I put off the actual making of them until November.  This is how I roll--just in time.  When I discovered there was *just* enough fabric left to make Boo Boo a tiny pair of matching pants, well, you know that had to happen.

There is even a pocket on the back, so Drewbles can carry his wallet on a late-night milkshake run (not that those EVER happen...) and Boo Boo can carry his binky around.  I used a real pattern for Drew's, and this tutorial for the little ones.  It was a fun project!  But I was glad when they were finished.  So much pressure to make pants!  Whew.

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  1. I'm happy you made somethings for other babies! :D
    Those pants are adorable. Good job!

    1. Gotta send those babies some Utah love! :) And thanks!

  2. They are the best pajama pants ever! When I wear them I have to say it's pretty easy being green.