Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ten O'Clock

Once upon a time, we had a baby that turned ten months old.  It's this baby:

It's just wild that he's a mere two months away from being a YEAR old.  It's hard to believe he's been around for this long--even though "this long" is actually not that long at all because he is still a little sprout.

What's Boo Boo up to lately?  Mostly the same things as last month--crawling, cruising, climbing.  He'll stand on his own sometimes but he's pretty hesitant about it.  If he doesn't notice he's standing though he'll stand for several seconds.  He quite good at pushing walkers around too.

Such a nice head of hair! Again! At last!

He eats all manner of foods and really loves bread, avocados and cheese (he has good taste).  Still has four teeth, with at least two on the verge.  

So satisfied!

The Noah's Ark (I use the term loosely) animals are his favorites right now, along with small tubes of Aquaphor and paper of any kind.  

He started clapping, which is super cute.  He also started saying "Mmmmmmama" but still doesn't seem to direct words at any particular person or thing.  But he does chat up a storm, fake coughs, whines, fake cries, laughs, growls and hollers. 

(So much for personal space)
In general, he's always been a pretty good sleeper. But from about months 4 to 9, the evening hours after he went to bed would be pretty up and down. While it wasn't the biggest deal ever (aside from those hours he slept great), it did make me reluctant to leave him with babysitters and it ate up a lot of the evening time.  But this last month, we CONQUERED that issue and he sleeps SO great!  All night long!  With nary a peep!  

High fives to you, baby!


  1. So he's adorable. I love that he fakes coughs and laughs, seriously you should post a video :) Also clapping, I think I started clapping when I read that, yay :)

    1. I need to get some video! I have some from a while ago, but he's just so fascinated by the camera these days I can't get good ones. *sigh*