Sunday, April 06, 2014


One of my goals for the year is to make a quiet book for Boo Boo.  I just like making things, what can I say?  After several weeks of procrastinatory planning, I made a page today.  I got the idea for it from this website and then adapted it to what I wanted and what I had on hand.  Thanks to my obsessive need to save every piece of ribbon I've ever acquired, all I had to buy was the heavy-duty interfacing and a 10 cent page of felt.  

(Does that red rick rack look familiar, Sarah?)

I think it turned out cute!  YES, there are blue-eyed lions found in nature. (Okay, I said that as a joke, but it's actually true!  Go me.)  I have a sneaking suspicion Boo Boo would have more fun with just a long piece of ribbon, but that's just TOO BAD.  Because I put the leftover ribbon away.

This is how I made this page:

With two big messes.

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  1. Oh how fun! I love quiet books, and I definitely want to make one for my hypothetical kids. If you keep posting your pages the chances are high that I will steal some ideas from you in the future. :)