Monday, June 16, 2014

Feel the Ocean

More quiet book pages!  I think I'm going to take some time off from it for a while.  I might work on the cover and put together what I have so far, we'll see.  So far the finer points of each page kind of escape Boo Boo's interest so I've got some time.  

When I started gathering ideas, I had the thought of making an ocean page that would feature the characters from his mobile.  It's just a page for fun, nothing particularly educational about it, but I think it turned out pretty cute:


The floaty fish are on elastic so they can be pulled hither and thither and I did the faces with puff paint.  The creatures are double layers of felt and I put cardboard from a cereal box between the layers to make them sturdier (resulting in this kind of situation, ha).  I put off making this page for a long time because I thought it would be so labor intensive, but once I got all the pieces cut out it came together fairly quickly.

The last page is just a mix of textures for the feeling.  Nothing too fancy going on:

I used my orange fabric for smooth, a washcloth for fuzzy and part of a burlap shopping bag from Tesco for rough.  Was it a wrench cutting up that bag?  Yes but it did already have a big hole in it.  Still!  Wrench.

I plan to make at least a few more pages.  I want something about colors, counting, shapes and maybe the alphabet so we'll see what happens there.  Drewbles has said a few times I should sell quiet books on Etsy but I don't want to spend all this time for OTHER people, even for money (plus I know I would obsess over the quality).  But while I was working on the ocean page, I thought maybe I could put together patterns/templates for things like that page or the animals and tails and sell those.  I don't know, I have no idea what kind of demand there is for that sort of thing...there's a lot of free stuff online but I wouldn't charge much.  I dunno, might be fun.  Thoughts, internet?

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