Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shout Hurray!

What does a baby do to celebrate his first birthday?  I will tell you on behalf of the baby in question. 

1) Wake up with the sniffles, but be happy anyway (mostly).  Wear your new name shirt and say "Mama, you so skilled!"--or something to that effect.

2) Get a big box from Grandma and open it while webcamming.  Ignore parents as they devour the cookies in the box.  

3) Go outside for a little photo session.  Be sure to take The Lion and keep it close at all times.  

4) Eat some spinach and goat cheese turkey burgers for dinner, and then be presented with a strawberry shortcake.  Carefully dismantle this confection in search of strawberries while being sung to.  

5) Try on Daddio's birthday crown and get shortcake all over it.

6) Bathtime!  Be SUPER excited about this because after a week of sobbing through bathtime, baths are now the best thing ever.  All the extra excitement and cuteness will lead to pictures and clapping parents (also plenty of "PHEW"s).

7) Present time!  Chase the ball around and be intrigued by the t-rex that Grandma made.  

8) Recover for a few days and then have a party.  Thanks to Mother Nature's rainy interference, move the party to the house and it will all work out fine. 

9) Be sung to again and be presented with a zucchini muffin with cream cheese frosting.  Eat all of it.

10) Play with the toys people were so nice to give and share books.

Happy birthday, Boo Boo Berry!

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  1. Sweet photos and items list. Love that kid, and you too.