Monday, June 09, 2014

Last Days and Birthday(s)

I've had a draft of this post sitting around for about a year now because I wanted to document the last few days before Boo Boo was born.  Luckily I made some notes, otherwise I would have forgotten it all since then.  Anyway, it is funny to think back to that time when Babycakes was such a presence but even visible yet.  At this point we knew he was breech and we were scheduled for a version/possible c-section/possible induction on Tuesday so there was certainly a sense of finality this last weekend.  

The Friday before he was born, May 17th, was my last day of work before leave (and ever).  I used my remaining vacation hours and went home early, bidding the workplace an unceremonious adieu.  But first I took this picture of my tummy because it was all lopsided:

(Yep, I took it in the bathroom.)

That night we saw the new Star Trek movie.  Now, I should mention that up until this point I had always said Baby could be born anytime after that movie because I was so looking forward to it.  In fact, I always said in half-jest that that movie would put me into labor.  BUT since we knew Baby was breech now I said to the movie, "Please don't put me in labor."  The movie obliged.  Also, to make sure I knew he was breech, Babycakes stuck his head up in my ribs the WHOLE movie.  I mean, he did this a lot but usually I could just give him a poke and he'd move.  Not this time.  So let's just say that while I liked it, I liked Star Trek better when we watched it on DVD months later.

ANYway, then I got my hair cut at the mall by a tiny teenage girl with pink hair:

Saturday dawned with a breechy baby so we joined the new rec center and I sat in the chilly lazy river in hopes that he would turn (SPOILER: he didn't).  Meanwhile Drewbles went down the slides like non-pregnant people do.  I don't remember what we did that night but I can guess it involved me laying on the couch and possibly mac and cheese.

Sunday was a usual day of churching and British Sundaying with an old version of Jude the Obscure that I cannot recommend.  I did this art of Voldemort shaving:

Oh those days I used to sit and do arts for hours at a time during the day!  Or, you know, those days when I would sit and do anything for hours at a time during the day, ha.

Monday was my birthday!  I woke up early because I thought I was having a baby so we went to the hospital and were told I was not having a baby.

The faces of people who don't know they are experiencing a false alarm of impending babyness.

So instead we got breakfast burritos from McDonalds because I love them and I went back to bed.  Mostly I felt gross all day after the hospital did their poking and prodding.  But I rallied enough for exciting evening times of...a Redbox of Jack Reacher and Bombay House.  I also made myself a cherry birthday pie.  (I wanted to make a pie.)

I wanted a low key birthday and just a night to chillax with Drewbles and that's what I got.  I found my presents throughout the house and throughout the day, including books to read with Boo Boo and some Battlestar earrings.  

So, all in all it was a pretty typical weekend for us, pre-baby.  Now here we are a year later and things are very different and very good but it's still fun to look back.  Maybe it's time for some more Bombay House.

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