Saturday, December 27, 2014

Picture a Christmas(time)

Another year, another Christmas.  Funny how fast it sneaks up and then how fast it's gone.  We stayed here this year, and while of course it's always nice to visit family, it was nice to just be us in our house.  Overall, it was a lovely Christmas season, complete with lots of food and activities out and about.  Let's take a look!

We took a trip to see the lights at Temple Square.  They delivered, as always.

You know what the best time to see the Temple Square lights is?  At 5:00 on a weekday, at the beginning of December.  No crowds (plus perfect weather).

We took the Frontrunner train up, which was popular with the little master.  Don'tlookatmeI'menormous.

With Drewbles on vacation, we took ourselves (and our free passes) to the Museum of Ancient Life or whatever it's called.  There were many delighted exclamations of "Saaaaaaur!"

You know what the best time to visit the museum is?  In the morning on a random weekday.  Even during Christmas week, it wasn't crowded.

Hee hee, hat.

On the shopping list for next summer: a sandbox.

We started Christmas Eve off with bringing in the slide from the backyard.  It has been a BIG hit.

Aside from some bead fascination, I will say the tree was mostly safe from little hands.  (Also, next year I am REALLY going to make a tree skirt.  For reals this time.)

Hard to believe there will be four next year!  Did we get the third from Target (3) dollar bins?  Yes.  Did we get several more for future use?  Yes, yes, we did.

Hold your horses!

A little dinner in his new jammies from Nana, then we watched the short Nativity movie and it was off to bed!
(We stayed up to watch more Amazing Race and have a traditional [mini] buffet.)

As expected, this parking garage was the big hit!  Did we buy it in August at the Just Between Friends sale?  Yes, yes, we did.

The banana in his stocking was also a favorite.

"Now do you like my hat?"  "I do!  I like that party hat!"

I got Drewbles some new running shoes... (the sign reads: "Just kidding! Let's go shopping!")

He opened Grandma's presents all by himself.

This seems to be a good summary of Boo Boo's feelings about Christmas.  (Also note the snow leopard, which I got for Christmas, lo, many moons ago.  It is frequently sat upon.)
A merry and happy Christmas to all!


  1. Man! You are on the ball, I figured I had until at least the end of January to post about Christmas! It looks like it was a great day.

    1. You do! Post away, I want to see your pictures :)