Monday, February 23, 2015

Solo 21

For twenty-one months now, Mr. Moo (yes, I call him something new all the far he doesn't seem confused) has had the run of the place.  With his delightful solo reign drawing to a close, I thought there should be one more update all his own.  And really, three months has made such a difference in his little personhood.

(Haircuts also make a big difference.)
Not that he is not the same happy, funny little person, but he is a funny little person in new ways.  He parrots us, he builds block towers, he runs away when I mention brushing teeth and has all kinds of opinions on dinner (that change nightly of course).  Not that these kinds of developments are unexpected, but it's so, so interesting to watch him change and figure out himself and the world.  

(Getting in was one thing, getting out another...)

Talking happens all the time, often with a questioning intonation, and sometimes "talking" is more like "squealing."  He's putting some words together too, like "bye car" and "mooooore pease?"  He even says a mashed together version of "I love you" (YES, it's very cute).  One day I told him something that ended with "actually" and he's been saying that ever since, probably because we crack up every time (same goes for "ohhhhh mannnnnn!").  He's also started saying "Whaaaat?" in this incredulous voice when, for example, he finds the dinosaurs in the quiet book.  He also says "Bye!  Seeya!" a lot and it's funny every time.

(He started making this face late last fall and it took a lot of work to catch it on camera!  Hahahahaa, that face.)
Books are still popular, which makes me glad to no end.  He's been very into the How Do Dinosaurs... series of books lately, partly because there are toy trucks and airplanes and cats and dogs to find on most of the pages.  He's learned a lot of color names too, and often gets them right these days (red is problematic).  He also loves to watch Baby MacDonald as often as I will let him ("Traaaactors!") and has consequently learned the words wheat, fields, barn and, of all things, windmills. 

Speaking of babies, he is often going into the Poppy's room and saying "Babyyyy" and he knows what Mama's enormous tummy space is full of.  And really, I think that's about as much as he's capable of grasping right now, but I keep telling him that one day that baby's going to come out and play with him.  Okay, so those probably won't be the SAME day but I'm not getting that specific.

Anyhoo, he is so funny and smart and sweet and just sometimes naughty.  He's had like four teeth coming in for months so I blame any episodes on that.  Let's look at more pictures (sorry they're all phone pictures).

(Things he loves in this picture: the purple crayon [the first color name he learned], that free water bottle from an OBGYN [not mine], Kitty)

(Why is there no slot in the baby book for "Baby's First Full English"?)
(This was his first time eating apple slices, and his method cracked me up.)

(Sometimes he feeds Kitty)
(He loves to play outside, and, lucky him, there's no winter this year.)

(I wish I had a better picture of this, it was so funny.)

(That little face!)

(Yes, he did put every single wooden block down his shirt.)
(He wore these snow boots every day for almost a week straight and several more days since.)
(There's a tummy picture for you!  Don't say I never did anything for you, internet.  This was almost at the 37 week mark.)
(See?  No winter.)

(He loves this Thomas shirt.  "Train?  Train?" he asks every morning.  "Choo choooooo.")
(Drew's art skills are really coming along, thanks to his new teacher.)

("Boots?  Booooots??")

(He REALLY wanted to do puzzles on the baby play mat.  And wear his snow boots.)
Did you happen to count how many times Kitty appears in a picture?  He LOVES Kitty.  Kitty is getting pretty crusty lately but it's a well-loved crustiness.  Luckily Boo Boo gets regular baths or he would be BURIED in love crust.  

(Love crust is a thing now.)


  1. Great pics and captions!

  2. I called Jane Missy Moo for YEARS. (Or Moo Moo, or just Moo.) Charlie is a dolly. He will love a little sis.