Saturday, February 28, 2015

Room for the Speck

With the Poppy on the horizon, for the last few months I have been plotting how to reorganize the two bedrooms.  I wanted to do some fun things in Boo Boo's room and planned to move some of his furniture over to the Poppy's room.  With everyone's room situated now, I took some pictures and, as luck would have it, the little master is wearing the exact same thing as in his first room tour.  Plus snow boots.

We had some paper lanterns left from two apartments ago, and I decided to paint some whales on it.  I made a template based on his name sign/mobile, traced it onto the lantern and then painted it.  It was much easier than I anticipated. 

We flip flopped his reading corner with the table and chairs and hung up the light to make a cozy reading spot.  The light has been a hit, leading to many exclamations of "Whe-ale."

(He likes to sit on the ottoman during reading time.)
The other change was moving his little dresser to the Poppy's room and replacing it with something bigger and a little more multi-purpose.  Thanks for having exactly what I wanted, IKEA!

(See, Cami?  We love your pictures!)

I will be honest, I'm not exactly sure what to put in those cubbies.  We've had those baskets all along, and there are socks in one, but the other is empty.  I put his animals in the middle just to put something, but we shall see.  I like the idea of having books there, but I think his book box is still more functional at this age and it won't fit in there.  Anyhoo, still thinking.  

I originally planned to move the chair and ottoman into the Poppy's room as well, but once we got the second chair I change my mind.  But that will be revealed in her room tour!  For now have some pictures of the chair and its little reader.
"Two tunks!"


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  1. There's always room for The Speck! Great post.