Thursday, August 13, 2015


I have thoroughly enjoyed Miss A's early babyhood.  She was a snuggly, sleepy little newborn with delicious hair and has been happy and pleasant in the months since.  But now that we are at the five month mark she is getting to the really fun baby stage.  She talks and squeals and chirps, and laughs more than ever.  She's so responsive to people and things and it's always fun to watch her interact with the world around her.

Her nighttime sleeping habits haven't really changed in the last month, she wakes up generally once.  I WOULD perhaps dare to say that nights were getting pretty regular in her wake up time, but of course she threw curve balls the last two nights.  She just KNEW I was thinking about maybe saying something about a schedule.

I love her little face.
I love her little Minnie Mouse-esque dress too.
Speaking of knowing stuff, how is it that babies can tell when you sit down?  ALWAYS!

Baby's first Harry Potter costume!
I will say that she has taken to protesting a bit at nap and bedtime, but as long as you 1) stand 2) bounce her and 3) don't stop either of those things she'll cooperate.  Hah!  Silly.  And only sometimes totally maddening...

Fifteen day apart cousin twins!
This month the dreaded cradle cap started to appear.  Fortunately it's not nearly as bad as Mr. C's was, and coconut oil seems to keep it in check.  Also I switched to Honest Company shampoo (from Aveeno) and that seems better for her as well.  (Is it weird to anyone else that Jessica Alba is a legit businesswoman??)

In other hair news, it's growing in blonde!  Her thatch on top is rather multicolored and she seems balder on the sides than she really is because the hair is so light.  I won't deny I'm a bit sad the dark hair seems to be fading out, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.  (And maybe my hair is falling out less now????  *crosses fingers*)

She is a pro at rolling around, squirming in circles and is getting closer to sitting up as well.  She's just so strong!  I'm amazed at how high she pushes up already.  

Random other things: she talks in her bed as she rolls around it like an egg.  She likes to be outside, especially on a windy day.  She likes to put everything in her mouth.  She likes funny noises and funny faces.  She is happy and good and loved and adored.  

And I finally use her name more than "Baby"!  Small victories, people.

But I still like to call her Baby.


  1. She is absolutely beautiful. I wish I were as great at writing updates. I always love the tid bits of info you give and the way you phrase it.