Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day in the Life of a Zucchini

One morning the yard boys were mowing the lawn.  While they were out there they picked a zucchini from the garden.  It's not the most handsome zucchini.  The end is a bit, well, ugly and misshapen and weird.  But nevertheless it was treated with exceptional attention that day and enjoyed a variety of activities.

It played cars:

Took a nap:

Read some books:

And took another nap:

I didn't get pictures of everything unfortunately.  The zucchini got kisses, was frequently called a flamingo (...) and I was shown its mouth (...).  

I also must add that it was fed, or rather was nursed, and I DID take a picture of that....but I'm too nice to post it.

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  1. Lawlawlawl! I never noticed this one before! Precious zucchini.