Friday, September 25, 2015


Here we are at the half-year mark!  Baby Girl is growing up a storm and this was a big month for her.  She got not one but two little teeth and is MOVING all over the place!  She's been rolling for months, but this month she developed a genuine crawl.  Well, maybe more of a drag, but whatever you call it, she gets around.

Most of the time she is dragging herself towards 1) the bucket of cars 2) my hair dryer 3) my phone 4) the train track.  

She has also gotten more vocal and chatty, trying out all kinds of new sounds and volumes.  Giggles are pretty easy to get these days, especially because she's so ticklish.  There's been a bit more crying with the rise of stranger danger, but it passes pretty quickly (sorry, friends and family).

We're still working on sitting up, at least for longer periods, but she is getting better at it every day.  She tips over pretty often but never seems to mind.  Actually, half the time she wants to tip over so she can drag herself over to something. 

I waited until her exact six month mark to give her solids--partly out of laziness, partly out of, I don't know, Tradition?  She was very eager to put the spoon in her mouth, but not so sure about the actual sweet potatoes.  But since then she's tasted/mutilated bananas, watermelon and carrots.  The mesh feeder is very popular.

At her six-month appointment (a little late), she weighed in at 16.41 lbs (48%), was 28 inches long (97%) and has a head circumference of 17 inches (65%).  Not huge gains but gains nonetheless and healthy overall!

Sleep!  Still bouncing around between sleeping all night and waking up once (or twice). We're getting there though.  I think?  More on that in the seventh month update...  (I try to not get ahead.)

The cradle cap seems to slowly going away.  I'm not stressing over it as much this time, which helps.  Her multicolored hair continues to get comments.  I think it is pretty awesome, and I enjoy covering different parts of her head in pictures to see the Blonde Baby and the Brunette Baby.  She will look SO different to me when she is eventually blonde all over.

(This is a good one for Blonde Baby/Brunette Baby)
Anyway, it's been a month of changes for her but some things remain the same.  She has an adorable little face.  She loves to snuggle and grab and squeeze.  She is happy and sweet and funny.  She LOVES Mr. C, who loves to entertain her as much as he loves to be entertained by her.  

Good kids.  Good baby.

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