Thursday, October 15, 2015


Seven is a magic number, isn't that what they say?  Well, it has been a pretty great month for little Miss.  But first a little bit of catch up--I never mentioned in her sixth month update that she got her first tooth!  How could I forget?  Anyway, she has two teeth now.

So, month seven.  No new teeth and an ambivalent interest in solids.  But she still likes the mesh feeder and is always eager to put food in her mouth.  Liking the food once it's in her mouth--that's another story.  

The army crawling continues, though she has been getting on her hands and knees more and more.  It is funny to hear her dragging herself down the hallway to follow me.  I'm amazed at how fast and far she can go by pulling herself around.  Unlike Mr. C was at this age, she's very interested in eating whatever she finds on the floor.  Everything goes from hand to mouth.

She has mastered the art of sitting up and will sit there, her arms windmilling around until she finds a toy (to put in her mouth).  Her hair keeps growing in, and the last bits of cradle cap are fading away.  She is such a wiggly worm, it's almost impossible to change her diaper sometimes. 

I guess it's mostly been a month of working on skills she first gained the month before and increasing her general cuteness.  But she HAS gained some handy new sleep skills.  Now, I'm going to say this and tomorrow she will laugh in my face and do the opposite things, but I'll say it anyway.

"I'M ready!"
One night I was putting her to bed and she just didn't want to rock or bounce or eat or anything.  I was already rather disgruntled about life in general so I put her in her bed and said sayonara.  And what do you know, five minutes later she rolled over and fell asleep just like that!  I had rocked her to sleep for every sleeping, every day up to that night.  Then, she did it again the next night. Whaaaat.  

Long story short, over the next week or two, we worked on it and now she goes to sleep by herself for just about every nap and at night too, usually.  (Not when she is too tired.  Ohhhhh no, not then.)  I wasn't expecting her to do this yet, especially not on her own (Mr C didn't do this until he was almost 18 months), but hey, I will roll with it.  

Though I will say I miss taking those sleeping pictures.  But I still get them now and then, and I do think it's helped her sleep better overall.  I would say more about that buuuuuuut I don't want her to laugh at me and do the opposite.  Maybe next month...

Anyway.  Baby is cute, baby is good.  She is so funny and expressive, always pursing her lips or making squinty, snorty faces.  

All I have left to say is, well, look at that face!  Isn't it SO CUTE?!  Egads.  She's just so cute and snuggly and lovable.

(Just for fun, here's Mr. C's seven month update)

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