Monday, November 09, 2015

A Room for the Bathing

When we moved in we had grand plans of redoing the kitchen this summer.  Summer arrived, along with many house guests, and the dust settled just in time for Drew to lose his job.  Even though it was pretty much as ideal as you can get in terms of job loss, it didn't seem quite prudent to go through with our plans.  

And then he got a new job!  But summer was over.  So instead of a new kitchen, we opted for giving our bathroom a 24-hour face lift before Drew started his new job.  It was a much smaller project.  Of course we wound up doing more things than we originally planned (paint the walls and get a new sink fixture and shower curtain), but that is how I roll!  And how I drag Drew along with me.  HA.  I jest, he is always very willing.

Anyway, here is how we started, with the same brown paint in the rest of the house:

(I got that shower curtain my first night in Bloomington, EIGHT YEARS AGO.)

(I got a little sad throwing it away.)

Then we taped it all off the night before:

In the morning Boo Boo went off for some grandparent time, and we got painting.  We used the leftover paint from the Beatrix Potter nursery, partly because it's a nice color and partly because, well, it meant we didn't have to buy more paint:

(And this time Drew didn't have to paint all by himself!)

(Though he was in the pictures by himself.)

One of the added projects was to paint the cabinets white.  It was extra work but I'm really glad we did it:

(Baby joined us after her nap.)

We also got a new faucet.  There was SOME drama installing it with SOME amount of flooding but we got there in the end:

(I say "we" but all I did was sit and watch and run for towels.)

Almost done...

Please note the new pulls for the upper cabinets.

All done:

JUST KIDDING.  By the next afternoon we decided to get hardware for the lower cabinets.  Drew had some help installing them:

And THEN we were done:

All in all, it was a very successful project, with only a little hiccup or two.  It was also good practice for when we actually do the kitchen!  Next summer!  I hope.

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  1. A fun project and many lessons learned! Your help was invaluable when minorflooding time came around (and again... lessons learned... *was wet*).