Friday, November 13, 2015


Hello, eight month baby.  I know I say this every month but I'm always surprised that she's so big already.  This past month has been a bit all over the place in most ways.  Let us begin with food! 

Her interest in solids skyrocketed this month and she is very impatient to get food in her mouth.  She's gotten better at not immediately pushing it right back out and seems to like most everything she tries.  I'm a little slow to start with new foods--I google things like "Can babies eat sage?"--but she doesn't seem to resent it.  Probably because she doesn't know what she's missing...

She's still mostly army crawling, but she frequently goes for the all-fours method.  I think she'd do it more but she usually falls back on her tried and true way for the sake of speed.  She pulls up pretty well and climbs all over the place.  Seriously, the climbing.

Towards the end of the month her two top teeth started to show.  The other two top teeth are not far behind, methinks.  Yikes.  I like to blame the teeth for the other happenings this month--or not-happenings, as it were...

The sleep!  In her seventh month she started sleeping through the night.  Sleeping through the night like a dreeeeeeam and all on her own.  This month, she took steps backwards, then forwards again, then steps in the middle too.  Some nights she'll wake up twice, sometimes not at all.  Some nights she'll go to sleep by herself, sometimes she can't do it.  She'll wake up an hour after bed or not.  Just kind of all over the place.  

At least with naps she'll still happily go to sleep on her own.  A new white noise sound machine seems to help her sleep longer, in spite of SOMEone's best efforts.

(Yeah, you, SOMEone.)

But like I said, I'm hoping the teeth are to blame.  Really hoping the teeth are to blame...


But in spite of these hiccups, she's overall a very happy, pleasant sort of girl.  She loves to be held, loves to do whatever Mr. C is doing and loves to play.  She likes to turn the pages when we read books (current favorites are Dinosaur Roar, Blue Hat, Green Hat and Goodnight Gorilla) and she likes to try anything she finds on the floor.

The real question is, how many teeth she'll have by the end of next month...

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