Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Great Snakes!

For Halloween this year, I pulled out the idea I postponed from last year--Tintin and Snowy!  Perfect for a little boy and a littler baby.  

Originally the plan was for me and Drew to be Thomson and Thompson:

But it turned out to be surprisingly hard to find all the components!  It would have been funny, but we switched gears.

Drew decided to be a somewhat dressed down Captain Haddock and well, I was a unicorn with a secret.

(Get it??)

For Tintin, I bought the sweater online and made the socks from leftover fabric I had.  His shirt, pants and shoes all came from my beloved JBF consignment sale (can you believe those pants??).  

Really happy I didn't have to make those pants.

Snowy on the other hand, well, I made all of that.  I used a pattern that came with the sleep sack, but by the time I was done, I realized I should have made my own pattern based off an outfit she already had.  It would have been easier and fit better.  The suit was HUGE on her when I finished it.  HUGE.  So I had to cut it down to size, but it didn't fit great still in the end.  

BUT the fabric is such that all my adaptations didn't really show.

BUT the fabric is such that it was impossible to work with.  Never again!

(Please note her little tail.  Hee hee!)

I made her little headband from a 97 cent Halloween headband from Walmart.  I actually made it several times...  In the end, I assembled it with hot glue.  

As for us, I bought the shirts and made the iron-on designs myself.  Drew did the sketch of the unicorn though because, as it turns out, I do not draw a good unicorn.  No no.  But I did finish it up.  I also made some unicorn earrings to go with it.  

In the end, I don't think anyone knew who they were and probably didn't even realize we were wearing costumes.  But!  Being recognizable has never been a HUGE concern of mine at Halloween...and they looked cute all the same.  

And now it's time to brainstorm for next year...

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  1. Maybe not many people knew, but we did! Great job, you followed through with great style and adapted when necessary. They looked so cute.