Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tiger Uppercut!

Let me just state for the record that Collective Soul is one of the best things since evenly sliced bread. (After all, if bread is unevenly cut what good is it? No better than crumbly bread, I tell you!)

I am now reading The Two Towers. It's quite exciting, except I'm only on the second chapter, and I don't I think I'll get to read anymore more until Thursday night at least. *Sigh* Still, it's fantasmic anyway. In other fantasmic news, an assignment I thought was due tomorrow is due a week from tomorrow. I have to measure dinosaurs bones and then figure out the point of doing it.

In movie news, Transporter 3 is already in the works, along with Resident Evil: Hungry Mummies.

Hah, fooled you!


  1. The point of measuring dinosaur bones is so that you will know that the point is you are alive when they begin to eat you. So show a little respect, Clever girl!

  2. What happened to the days of getting 10+ comments on a single blox'x? I guess it's just not that cool anymore, eh dinosaur girl?