Monday, February 14, 2005


Ah, Valentine's Day here again. The day of dates and complaints from people without them. Bliss.

After a marathon of reading, I finished The Two Towers yesterday. In celebration of this I played Return of the King and got my trashed kicked at Pelennor. But I also played Diablo and got my sorceress up to 20, a landmark in my long colorful Diablo history. That game is so sweetbees. I want to play it some more, but, alas, it must wait for the weekend.

I saw another movie this weekend that further confirmed my theory that vampire movies suck, pun intended. Dracula 2000. I love it when movies put a new twist on the vampire movie formula of vampire orgies and cat-and-mouse games with moronic humans. Wait. So far, the only vampire movies I can think of that did not include these elements are Dracula: Dead and Loving It and Underworld. (YES, I know Underworld got its costumes from The Matrix. I am talking about the vampire movie genre here.) At least Van Helsing portrayed all the vampire campiness included in the original novel. I think the best part of Dracula 2000 was the commercials they showed for Gladiator (Romans! Romansssss!).

In Harry Potter news, I hope everyone has seen the latest picture with the golden egg. I am currently wiggling in anticipation and horrible dread for the graveyard scene in GOF. XPose magazine listed the top 13 HP moments. Number one was...the first owl post? Huh? What about Lockhart taking the bones out of Harry's arm? Classic!

In other news, I have peanut butter and chocolate creme oreos, and I pity all those without them.


  1. How did you play Return of the King???? We bought it for Xbox the other day.

    You Vampire movie list is missing the one with Bon Jovi in it.

  2. Speaking of vampire movies, I guess you haven't seen Dusk till Dawn or Vampires, the one about the vampire hunters. Have you seen Udderworld? I saw it yesterday. It's just such a good movie!

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