Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Loverly Spring

Actually, it's not like spring at all, judging by how I was cold today.

I just watched the superbowl spot for Batman Begins and it looks super sweetbees. The only two things I'm not to sure about are Michael Caine and Katie Holmes. I'm willing to go with Katie Holmes, if for no other reason than that I don't think she'll have a great deal of screen time. I don't know what my problem is with Michael Caine--maybe because I see him and picture him "gliding" in Miss Congeniality.

Did you know elephants only digest about 40% of their food? Do you know I ate too much hamburger-less helper?

Here's a treat for all you AVP fans: there's been talk about a new Predator sequel, cleverly disguised by the term "restart." Not a sequel! Not a prequel! A restart. The best part is that it has to do with Schwazzengerah's son from the original. Or something. *sniff sniff* I smell a sequel. And hamburger helper.

I saw one of the funniest things ever today on a show called "My Super Sweet Sixteen" on MTV. This show involves whiney rich kids planning birthday parties that rival most people's weddings ("rivals" here means "beats"). A much put-upon 15 year old went to Paris to pick out her dress--very trying because her mom kept "killing everything." Then she picked out her birthday car (a Range Rover) but found out it was used--"Eww." But the best part? Some pre-birthday partying resulted in (egads!) not getting the car on her birthday. So she started bawling in this upscale restaurant, since her parents "totally killed" her birthday. If you ever get the chance to see this, I highly recommend you do.

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  1. I smell a sequel star the Fogler as the Predator and the Arby Glove as Schwarrsedngrhdeihs. Unfortunately it ends with both of them being eaten by Frankenfish who is being hunted in Python Vs. Boa Vs. Frankenfish II: The Hunger.