Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cookie and Smitty

This weekend was so super sweetbees. I hope everyone had such a sweetbees weekend as me. I hope to repeat it ASAP.

Well, I'm a respectable member of society now, because I own a game console. Yes, friends, there is a happy little Gamecube sitting in my room right now. Unfortunately I haven't even got a chance to hook it up yet because of homework. But tomorrow night spells freedom (after Lost of course) and then the fun will begin! While I wrote my prospectus I kept smelling one of the controllers. It smells like brand new plastic. Mmm.

iPods are the new cell phones.

In other news, Reimburser's disappearance continues. Maybe he got sucked into a computer.


  1. iPods don't work like cell phones.

  2. If cell phones had a longer battery life, then i would consider destroying them all. Katie Couric hates cell phones so why shouldn't I?