Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Your Mom Goes to College.

So I was watching tv the other day, and I have to announce that the popular sitcom I was watching contained a horrible wrong fact. NO, Caravaggio was NOT part of the Renaissance! He wasn't even close--stylistically or chronologically! DON'T SAY THAT HE WAS. Who did that research and were they fired afterwards?

I saw Series of Unfortunate Events again last night. That's such a great movie. HOW did The Aviator beat it for costumes at the Oscars? Yes, I'm sure The Aviator had great, historical costumes. But SOUE had INVENTIVE costumes! Inventiveeeeee! Someone PLEASE award them for their inventiveness. I also have to say that Jim Carrey's voice as Uncle Monty's assistant is great.

Well, I hope everyone's seen the Half-Blood Prince book covers. Who else thinks that Dumbledore is going to be a lot more active in this one? For you unfortunate souls, here is the American cover. And because I am generous: here is the UK kids cover and here is the UK adults cover. And the UK adults cover? Ummm, yeah, everyone heard me say last summer that I think Snape is the H-BP right? Just so we're all clear on that.

I heard an interesting theory on Harry the other day. Try this on for kicks: Lily is a descendant of Slytherin--hence, the green eyes that are so important. JKR said something big about Lily would be revealed in #6--maybe this is it? Hmm. And I still say Cho isn't Cho. Just so we're all clear on that.


  1. Lawrence McFiggin4:54 PM

    I'm sorry, but I don't read adult literature, even if it is Harry Potter. Please remove the link to the pornographic Harry Potter. Thank you.

  2. Abomination! A mixture of the species is forbidden.

  3. Please instruct Mr. Lawrence McFiggin that you have a right to display pornographic Harry Potter if you want to. As for me I find that the salacious adult versions of Harry Potter that you so adeptly wrote and edited were vast improvements on the boring "adolescent" Harry chronicles.