Monday, March 14, 2005

Supa Fly

I'm kind of on a Harry Potter high right now. Just a warning.

So, I just saw this little promotional poster for GOF today. I think it's funny that they put Hermione in the middle. And that they aren't even pretending anymore that she's not supposed to be pretty. They also used a wretched picture of Ron, and my light just burned out. Hmm. Another interesting fact: it listed Patrick Doyle (Sense and Sensibility) as the composer. I heard that a while ago, but it was just a rumor then. So, John Williams is taking a break, though I guess Patrick Doyle is working around the established Lumos! theme. I'm excited about this because I like Patrick Doyle. I had an awesome thought though: Tim Burton+Harry Potter=one crazy movie

I feel like Dr. Finklestein when he says "Ohhhh my head" except I want to say "Ohhh my stomach."

...hmm. So I found out boa constrictors can kill alligators. I also found out that pretty much the only thing boas don't digest is teeth. Seriously, the animal kingdom has the most random trivia in it.

OK, so my light came back on. I guess it's one of those new-fangled bulbs that turns off and recharges or something.


  1. I'm afraid that Tim Burton would probably destroy Harry Potter. Speaking of animal trivia: What's your favorite animal?