Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Stick a Fork in Me

I'm done. Can we skip to Friday please? I would like to bypass everything this week except for Lost, and I can tape that and watch it on Friday. Doesn't anyone know a good cloner? Possibly one that uses age acceleration. As a measure of how much this day sucks, I couldn't spell "acceleration" for about fifteen minutes, and was seriously thinking "exceleration" must be right.

So, the Oscars. How unsatisfying and boring were they? I mean, Series of Unfortunate Events goes home without the best costume design award? Did the voters see the movie? Fie on you, Academy.

In related news, I would like one of my teachers to burnnnnnnn. Burnnnnnnnn!

*sigh* So, there's been a lot of debate about movie recommendations lately. All I have to say is, if a movie didn't appeal initially, it's hard to take anyone's recommendation on it. But hey, I saw some Open Water and probably some other stuff. Didn't I? I saw Treasure Planet anyway.
I'm watching Prisoner of Azkaban on Friday. I cling to this thought. Does anyone else get misty-eyed when he flies Buckbeak the first time? Maybe that's just me. Expecto Patronum!


  1. If you're done, you should come up to Logan and play Fable.
    I didn't watch the Oscars because deep down I categorically deny that anyone could possibly be better than me at something.

  2. blog is a lost art form, reimbursor never blogs anymore.

  3. I'm pretty much the smartest guy I know.

  4. I'm gonna stick a fork in you

  5. I would like to become a lawyer that chases people that stick forks in other people...just call me fork chaser.