Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Brief Summery

I bet you're all thinking that I'm such a dingdong because I wrote "summery." But what you don't know is that this is my report on summer! See what I did there? Oh ho ho! Tricky me.

It's September now. That means school, jackets, leaves falling, real shoes and apples. It also means that, once again, summer is over. It's always a sad thing to see summer go because lots of wonderful things happen in summer and only summer--although, isn't that true of all the seasons? I had a lot of fun this summer. Here are some of my favorite summery things that I did:
  • Went to Disneyland for the first time
  • Went to In-N-Out Burger for the first time (on the way to Disneyland!)
  • Went through Las Vegas for the first time (on the way to Disneyland!)
  • Ate lots of barbecued tastiness
  • Ate tomatoes right off the vine
  • Went nightswimming--with a frog!
  • Played MarioKart on the Wii
  • Bought a car (maybe one day I will be able to register it too)
  • Went to Utah
  • Set off and watched fireworks
  • Watched a movie in the park
  • Saw blockbuster movies
  • Caught fireflies
  • Went outside in a thunderstorm
  • Listened to the bugs at night
  • Stayed up too late
  • Read books outside
Of course, some of these things will still be possible in the lovely season that is autumn, but some things, like barbecues, aren't the same in chillier weather. Luckily every season has its own attractions so now I'm looking forward to fall things such as:
  • Apple cider. Or as I like to call it: "nectar of the gods"
  • Sweaters! Boots! Jackets!
  • Colorful leaves, and walking through them on the sidewalk
  • All the colors of fall: brown, red, gold, dark green
  • Halloween!
  • Going back to Hogwar--wait...
OK, I promise the next time I blog I will actually write something instead of making a list. Have I mentioned that I like lists? Maybe I should have added that to my 100 things list...


  1. This post looks lonely without a comment!

    I'm glad you enjoyed Disneyland this summer; next time I go will probably be when I have kids old enough to enjoy it (who knows when that will be!). I went to Yellowstone for the first time. Night swimming is extra fun, and so are fireworks, movies and books.

    Fall should be super fun; the weather is already cooling and approaching comfortable (which for me is between 30 and 60°F). Fall colors are awesome, and so is the snow that covers the trees once the leaves are gone. You like apple cider, I prefer hot chocolate, but yes, those are definite benefits of cold weather. So is chili.

    I like lists, too, but don't often write them.

  2. I like your lists, Control!

    And although I am personally partial to spring, I do agree that there are things I look forward to each season. For example, in the Fall I am looking forward to warmer clothes and the beautiful autumn colors. Remind me to bring my camera on campus one day so I can record the beautiful leaves for my posterity.

  3. Hooray for summery!!! Hooray for Fall!!! Hoooray for slimy frogs that like to go nightswimming!!!

  4. I love lists! Don't stop posting lists! I love lists almost as much as I love Halloween, and Fall! But I love summer too in Indiana.