Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Few Recommendations

Another thing I should have put on my 100 Things List is that I like recommending things to people. Some people might call it "forcing" or "pushing" or "harassment."

That said I have two recommendations for you all, my lovely faithful blog readers. Your reward is to hear about two food things that are simply divine. Almost as divine as the Fleur de Sel ice cream I recommended way back (anybody ever follow through on that one? You're missing out if you haven't). Or are they diviner? It really all depends on which one I'm eating/drinking at the moment. But I digress.

Recommendation #1: Imo's Pizza. For those of you who live outside Middle Kingdom, you probably haven't heard of Imo's. I hear you saying "It's just pizza. Pizza is pizza." But this pizza is extra special. First off, it's thin crust. I don't like thin crust but I love this thin crust. It's thin, without being crunchy or overly crispy. Second, they use Provel cheese, which is a blend of three cheeses that I can't remember (provolone, swiss...cheddar?). Thirdly, they have some kind of extra special sauce too. It's sweeter without being gross or weirdly sweet. Fourthly, they don't shirk on their fine-quality, varied toppings. And finally and fifthly, on Monday after four, their pizza is half price. At at least one location.

Recommendation #2: Gatorade Rain lime flavor. Here is the trick, people, Gatorade RAIN. Do not make the mistake of picking up regular lime or lemon-lime or strawberry lemonade or strawberry kiwi. Gatorade RAIN. I have only recently come to appreciate Gatorade, but this kind? I love it. I will chug it because it tastes so good. If you came to my house, I would give you some. But those of you who live in my house already had some, and the rest of you live elsewhere. So go buy some!

I know this was a random topic for a blog, but these are the things I think about at night. And day.


  1. Uh, yeah, I did follow through with the fleur de sel ice cream - we were eating it together last night! Okay, I only remembered when we were at the grocery store together.

    Lime Rain was good! Thankee for sharing.

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  3. The Rain was good! As were the "salt chunks in ice cream." Isn't salt wonderful?

    One quick warning: just because I am beginning to trust your taste in food does NOT mean you are going to convert me to mushrooms. I will continue picking them off my pizza as before. Thank you.

  4. You should come to Rexburg and try Craigo's Pizza. Way better than Imo's. The first time I had Imo's was in Rolla and it almost made me puke. Then I had it in Springfield (it was right next door and Kate likes it), and it was tolerable, but not good. Sorry!

    I've never tried your RAIN flavor, but I think Gatorade is bland and has a bad aftertaste.

    Mushrooms, though, in the words of a british lady who fed me many times on my mission, "are proof of the existence of God." You should try them again, Marcie.

  5. Craigo's Pizza! I LOVE that place! Their calzones are soooooo good! *sigh* I used to live right next door to Craigo's.

    Yes, I went to Ricks College at one time. I call it Ricks because I'm old enough that that's what it said on my diploma, not because I'm in denial. Why am I still talking?

    And yet, despite the lovely British lady, I'm still not trying mushrooms. They just look gross. Sorry, Professor.