Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That Tune: You Know It

Okay okay okay, I know my last post was Twilight-related, and I promise this won't last forever. It will, however, last until this weekend when I plan to give you all my thoughts on New Moon. Anyway, look at these Barbies:

I think they are awful. Especially Jacob's cut offs and water shoes. And Edward's sparkling plastic skin. BUT it is a rather dear wish of mine to do the following: Buy two tickets to New Moon at midnight. Buy all three of these dolls. Sit them in the chair beside me, complete with Barbie-sized popcorn and sodas--maybe even tiny movie tickets.

I don't know why this particular idea thrills me. Do I really want to be considered absurd by fellow movie goers? Then again, I'm sure some fans would love it and want to take pictures. Maybe I've just never outgrown the appeal of Barbie-sized items (okay, so maybe I still fawn over those miniature sleeping bags and tents at stores). Anyway, that's beside the point. And the point is that...I think doing this would be so very very funny. But since I already have my (Saturday) ticket and I have no Twilight dolls, it will never come to pass. Maybe for Eclipse...?

In a similar vein of things, Stephenie Meyer posted a big q&a and her website, and even though I only skimmed it, I got the feeling that she's a little burned out by the mania over her sparkly brainchild. I can only imagine that seeing things like this or this gets really old.


  1. Well, I'M sick of it! I think the dolls would be quite hilarious. You should do it--but only at Breaking Dawn. Then you could bring a little womb to put under Bella's shirt and act out the birth scene while they show it.

  2. That Q&A is hilarious. Even SM is against the stupid Team Edward vs. Team Jacob thing. I will buy you some HP dolls instead, how about that? I'm sure they even come with adorable little wands and pets. Yay. Just a few more days until the madness begins and is that much closer to ending.

  3. I can't offer opening night, but if you go with me to see New Moon on Saturday I will totally let the Twilight Barbies sit on my lap. I'll even point out especially great/awesum scenes to them. However, I refuse to sit anywhere near the womb.

  4. i know what you mean..i LOVE everything miniature!! remember when they used to have little mini cereal boxes and stuff like that for doll houses at Michaels? i was in LOVE!!! where did that stuff go?

  5. Bahahahaha Sparkly Brainchild BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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