Thursday, January 07, 2010

2009: The Happening...s

So, I totally wrote an entire 2009 summary post and I published it, about 15 minutes ago. Then, while getting the mail and puttering around the house since then I have been feeling very unsatisfied with it. So I deleted it and now I'm starting all over again. It was rubbish, mainly because I was totally distracted while I wrote it. Let us begin anew!

I think it goes without saying that 2009 was a good year for me. I graduated, I had long hair again, I got some really cute new shoes. Oh yes, and I got married. It's hard to beat August 15th as my favorite day of 2009, but there were a lot of good days. There were some other things that were sad or lame or angryfying, but I don't want to list all of those out. But I do want to list out some of my favorite things and some things I look forward to this coming year. First, the fun things.
  • The wedding. Duh.
  • Disneyland! Twice! Disneyland is magical. It just is.
  • Graduation. I like to be celebrated, it's true, but graduations are always kind of sad to me though because it means a chapter is over. But it was fun to sit with Marcue and giggle about Blaise Cronin. (P.S. I still don't use iTunes.)
  • D'CALC good times! Food challenges, laughing about Twilight, book club, movie excursions, D'CALC night. Good times at my favorite apartment with my favorite roommates.
Besides, you know, being married, I haven't done a whole lot of new things this year (as opposed to 2008, which was notable for a lot of new things). Mostly I've gotten to know a lot of new kitchen appliances and recipes. It is kind of exciting to discover I do, in fact, have an ability to make food that tastes good. And now here comes 2010 and what is there to look forward to?
  • A job? Being unemployed for the last 7 months or so makes me wary of putting a . in there.
  • Disneyland! Okay, so we don't have any definite plans to visit, but since we're going to get free passes, we have to go. I mean, right? Maybe we'll finally make it there for the Halloween festivities.
  • Spring. In general. I'm just about done with this winter thing (though I do like my sweaters).
  • Everything else. Really, there's so much to look forward to this year. Deathly Hallows, a one year anniversary, lots of pho, visits from my kith and kin, Black Friday sales, the Fourth of July...the list goes on and on.
As for resolutions in 2010, I don't really have any because I don't really care to make them. But there are a few things from 2009 I want to keep up so shall we call these things resolutions? No, we won't because I don't care about those. We will call them "things I will keep doing." I want to keep running and do at least one 10K this year. I want to keep drawing and be better by the end of the year. I want to keep making foods and learning new food things, like how to make rolls and roast chickens. It'd be great if I could wrap up a writing project or two, just to finally finish one in my life ever. But let's not get too ambitious!

I don't really know where this year is going to go. Maybe 2011 will arrive and life will be totally different. Or maybe it will be pretty much the same. And no, Mom, I am not referring to babies, but job things.

Anyway, here's to 2010. May it be good.

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  1. You forgot about the dancing! There was so much dancing!