Monday, January 04, 2010

Come On: Catch Up

Have you noticed that I'm not very good at doing follow-up posts when I say I will? I've left a lot of things hanging lately, and even now I don't want to pick them back up again. I have newer, better things to write about!

But. I decided to be methodical and finish a few things I recently started. That's what this post is for. The second prong of this two-pronged attack at blogcrastination will be a list on the sidebar of things I will post about next/later. It will mostly be for my own reference and motivation, but if you are curious, feel free to look at it and harass me until I post about vampire baseball. So, where were we?

Ah yes. The calendar game. Remember when I posted that picture of the Harry Potter calendar and wanted you all to try to figure out what was wrong with it? Well. Cami was the only one to spot it, but it's hard to tell from a little picture. Yes, the answer is that that is TOTALLY not Bonnie Wright as Ginny on the cover. Let's look at it again.

Can you tell yet? Probably not. Luckily for you, we found it again and took some pictures. They're kind of blurry but hopefully you still get the idea.

Do you see it now? Okay okay, so after looking at this picture I can kind of see it, but I think she definitely looks different, especially around her eyes and mouth. Maybe someone was just having a really good time in Photoshop, but surely it's not a coincidence that two HP experts were immediately flummoxed by her appearance.

Next. Surely you remember the Disney challenge, the one that clearly challenged you all to point of not trying at all. Well, now I will give you the answers and you will wonder at some of them, but most of them spun out of a few things: 1) their names sounded so weird I couldn't remember them 2) I didn't know their name and made up one based on a physical trait 3) their real name reminded me of another name/word that stuck in my head more. Now to the list, which is lengthy:

The Black Cauldron (the one that started it all):
-Flitter Flooven=
Fflewddur Fflam
-The Gurgle=Gurgi

The Rescuers Down Under (*Joanna noise*):


The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

-Ping Pong=Chien-Po
-David Lopan=Chi-Fu


The Emperor's New Groove:
-Poncho Libre=Pacha

-Rosie Perez=
Audrey (I really thought she did the voice)

Lilo and Stitch:
-Freeloader=Lilo (it started with "Frilo" and went from there)

Treasure Planet:
-Dogbert=Delbert (because he's a dog...get it?)
-Camelia=Amelia (because she's a cat...get it?)

Home on the Range:
-Queenie=Mrs. Caloway (She's Judi Dench!)
-Meggie Moo=Maggie (Ugh, Roseanne. I should have called her "annoying.")

So, there you have it. And now I'm two topics closer to posting about more fun things.


  1. My favorite part of this post is the use of the term "blogcrastination." I will help motivate you to catch up.

  2. I am totally stealing "blogcrastination."

  3. I suppose it is her then, but it sure doesn't look like her! SHEESH!

  4. Hmm... I think you may have thought too much into the calendar picture. Maybe I'm just upset I didn't get it, but I still think it looks like her, just with unfortunate pose/lighting and maybe some bad Photoshop work.

    "Blogcrastination" is definitely a cool word, though.