Saturday, April 09, 2011

Anonymously speaking

I got this comment on a recent post from that infamous blogger commenter, Anonymous, and it's so full of gibberish I just had to share. And never fear, I edited it for you, my tender readers.

"Thanks looking recompense the mammoth info. To be established ' ethical sh**! I on the entire do not commentary on these but I cerebration you did a genuinely humanitarian proportions and I’m indubitable some people meditate on the awfully unvarying"

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need go meditate on the awfully unvarying.


  1. ZZZUHHHH? It is like they put some English into google translator, took the foreign sentence it produced, translated it back into English, translated it into another foreign language, then back to English. I'm going to try it...

    Here is my sentence "Today I went to the store, thought about buying some food, but decided I would rather starve today and have money in my pocket tomorrow."

    After running it through some languages, I ended on Korean. Here you are:
    "Today, the food, go to the store to buy a hungry heart, this is the price of your pocket."

  2. How funny. It reminds me of my favorite Skeletor Show, episode 6!

  3. Wow. That's awesome.

  4. Lol. That is incomprehensible! So funny.

  5. Ha ha ha, it's so great. But I must say, that you actually did do a genuinely humanitarian proportions. I'm just sayin'.

    And Elise, that's brilliant! You may have a real future in writing spam emails.