Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fruity grapes

Apparently my blog style lately is short, random posts about nothing really important. So, to keep up with this theme, let's talk about grapefruits.

I have always despised them. My mama would always push me to eat one when I was sick, and I would dump a lot of salt on it and choke it down, complaining all the while about how sour and gross they were. Well, it has been some years since my mama pushed me to eat anything so you can imagine that grapefruits did not come anywhere near my diet for years. But I began noticing them in the stores a few months ago--they started to look so big and potentially delicious. About a month ago I couldn't resist (they looked so pretty!), and I took three home and it turns out grapefruits are delicious! I halved them, gave them a sprinkle of salt (okay, several sprinkles of salt...I really like salt), and dug in. They're still tart, some more than others, but it turns out my mama was right all along.

Unfortunately, it's been hard to find any that are as good as those first three. Maybe that was just a magical day, but the ones I have found since are small, pale and sad. Then, last weekend, we checked out the new Whole Foods up in Salt Lake. Just look at the difference!
They're twice as big! And let me just add that the grapefruit on the left was the best one I could find in the area too.

It just goes to show that sometimes the foods you despise need another chance. Oranges have already been victorious, corn tortillas are making progress...maybe one day nectarines will prevail too. Maybe.


  1. I am happy to hear it! Salt, huh? Jonny just told me his dad does that too. I will have to try that out some time, as I love grapefruit.

    Have you ever tried broiling half a grapefruit with brown sugar on it? Delicious.

  2. I am the same way as I've grown up. I hated things like squash, mushrooms, and tomatoes as a kid. Now I buy them willingly with my very own money! Who knew?

    I'm also a grapefruit lover, though my love started in high school and I had one almost everyday for lunch.I gotta try this salt idea.

  3. They are delicious, and a healthy alternative to a bowl of ice cream in the late evening. I think it's true about taste evolving and realizing some things you always thought were gross aren't that gross after all. I encourage many of my near and dear ones to understand this as regards tomatoes.

    Do you think these would be good with sugar on them?... Maybe that would counteract the healthiness of them, but it sounds a little bit scrumptious.

  4. Salt, eh? I grew up putting sugar on my grapefruits. What a tasty, tasty treat! I liked the combination of sweet and tart.

    But maybe you shouldn't trust me. You know how I feel about mushrooms (NO!) and I LOVE nectarines.

  5. I agree. I used to hate avacados, oh, and strawberries too.