Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

And now for some real life exploits.  
I had a birthday!  It was delightful for many reasons.  Since it was on a Sunday this year, the celebrations began on Saturday.  First, I got my hair cut.  My grand plans of picking a place based on glowing Facebook recommendations rapidly devolved into "Hey there's a place" while we were at the mall.  A lady named Genevieve did the deed and while she did not do so gently, she did it in what felt like 10 minutes.  That's worth being stabbed in the head with a pick, right?  (Fortunately I do not have a tender head.)

After that I finished what I started the night before--cake!  Chocolate Quake Cake to be precise.  

I was a little concerned about some cosmetic issues of the individual layers, but if there is one cake in the world that is forgiving of cosmetic issues, it's this one.  Also, it is delicious.  One of the most delicious cakes I have ever had.  And the frosting!  SO good.  I look forward to making this one again, as soon as I have cause... (hint hint).

We left the finished cake at home and went off for dinner at Chef's Table (coupon in hand!).  I got...tilapia...I think...but I spent most of the time envying Drew's pan roasted filet mignon medallions, which was a most excellent steak.  We took no pictures, but instead you can imagine me alternating between enjoying my fish and greedily eying Drew's plate. 

Since it would have been absurd to eat the cake on our own, we had friends and family come help.  However only one of them made it into a picture:
But the house was full, a bag of Sun Chips was rapidly consumed and everyone left full of cake.  

On the official day of, Drewbles gave me a present here, a present there throughout the day.  I was kind of a bum this year and gave him little indication of my wants (not really knowing them myself).  But he got all creative on me and so now I have this little number to do Pilates on:

(Bonus points for being pink.)

And I also have this now, which I very much enjoy climbing on the couch to stare at: 

It is a perfect addition to our London-themed in-progress living room decor scheme.  Isn't it just the most delightful little thing??

We spent the day reading in the park, sleeping and I talked to most of my family.  Then I watched House Hunters International (London!) while Drewbles worked on the first of my two birthday requests: Velveeta with hot dogs.  He even used the Velveeta log and made the cheese sauce himself!  I was very proud and it was so deliciously goopy.  I can pretend to be all high brow with my grilled cheese with brie and pan roasted filet mignon medallions, but, really, there are few foods in this world I love better than Velveeta.

The main activity of the night was my second birthday request: watching the last mind-boggling episode of Sherlock.  It had both of us amazed. 

And that is the long and short of it!  I plan to spend the next year resisting the urge to freak out about my next birthday...


  1. That cake looks like it was yummy! I wish we could have been there. Hurray for Sherlock! Wasn't the last episode amazing??

  2. Yes!!! How will we survive until next season??

  3. I have been meaning to tell you how DELICIOUS that cake was. Thanks so much for sending along some leftovers to my home! Seriously, I need that recipe.

  4. That cake does look amazing! And I'm jealous of your London map. Sherlock!!!!!!!

  5. I'm so glad you liked all your prizes! Even though they came over the span of several days... That cake was amazing. I'm glad you had a happy birthday! I tried!!! XD