Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Back in the day, this blog was filled with a lot of rambling about movies--what was coming out, what did best over the weekend, etc. etc.  Even though it is a lot more sophisticated now, I think it is entirely appropriate to devote a whole post to this news: 

Van Helsing is being rebooted.  With Tom Cruise of all people!

Okay, so, Van Helsing and I have this thing where it is terrible and I love it.  I's really terrible.  So terrible I roll around on the floor laughing at how terrible it is.  I mean, really, everything is terrible.  How can Tom Cruise improve on this??  Even the poster is kind of ridiculous.

Okay, so maybe they'll turn it into, you know, a good movie or something.  And yet I don't know how I could love it anymore.  Too bad, so sad.


  1. How could anything with Hugh Jackman in it be bad?! ;p I don't see how Tom Cruise could improve upon that character really.

  2. 100 TIMES YES. Also, will Richard Roxburgh be making a return appearance? That's the only question we need answered.

  3. I know, right??? We gots to have some Roxula involved!

  4. WHAT indeed! I wonder if TCrui will stand there and say he's never been to the sea.

  5. I'll take Hugh Jackman over Tom Cruise any day. However, in honor of you and your love for Van Helsing and the many times I watched it with you, I just might have to check this out.