Monday, July 22, 2013

Dipping Toes and Growing

When you're a baby, pretty much everything is new.  This is no exception for my own Babycakes, who has been doing all kinds of new things this summer.  This past Saturday we went up to Bear Lake with the rest of Drew's family.  It was his longest car ride so far and he did great, save for about 15 minutes before we got to Logan (and it still wasn't that bad).  

Once we arrived, he got into his super cute swimsuit, preparatory to, um, sitting and being held while we went out on the water trampoline (exactly what it sounds like).  Then we took him out to the water because I was determined that he should put some part of his body in the lake. 

He did not care for the sun:

But he looked so fetching in his little hat that he's borrowed from one of his baby friends (thanks, Hales!):

The big moment!

This is as far as he went:

Maybe next summer?

He liked it better than pool water!  A little bit...:

After the beach it seemed very appropriate to put him in this lil beach buddy outfit for lounging:

This picture is so cute it makes my eyes fall out!  Look at that face!  So bright-eyed!  So...concerned!

After some hot dogs and smores, we headed home again at bedtime.  He slept the whole way and I had a wee nap myself.  It was a fun, long day and a success all around.

The next day was his two month mark!  Isn't that wild?  We celebrated by taking some pictures with his old hat from the hospital.  It's super stretchy so it still fits but it doesn't look quite the same.  Here's what he looked like two months ago:

Oh that tiny face!  Here is what he looks like now (or yesterday, if you want to be particular):

Oh my double-chinned baby.  Then he decided to be all cute and smiley and the bigger he smiled the more his hat fell off:

And if that weren't enough celebration, we took him to the doctor today for his check up.  All of his hard work at growing was rewarded by multiple pokes of the needle, which made him very sad.  But then he was rewarded with a nap and Snoopy band-aids (appropriate for his name, yes?) and got happy again.  

For those interested parties (Mom), here are his stats!  He's 12 pounds, 11.5 ounces (73%) and 24 inches long (85%), with a perfectly round head and all the developmental abilities he's expected to have.  Judging by how the pediatrician went on (and on) about tummy time, he is way ahead of the curve on holding his head up.  Way to excel, baby!  Now let's work on shaking that cradle cap, hmmmmmm?


  1. So cute!! If it makes you feel better for his future in the water, CB was quite tolerant of her baby "swimming lessons" around 9 months and was a HUGE fan of the beach this summer. And as fast as time is passing, that will basically be tomorrow for Master CAG. I love his enormous double-chinned smiles! Baby smiles are the best!

  2. That picture made my eyeballs fall out of cuteness as well. I can't wait to meet the little man!

  3. Such great pictures! It's so fun to take him to new places and such, even if he doesn't remember or seem to particularly enjoy them, ha ha.

  4. So many great pictures! And sometimes when I stick my feet in cold Bear Lake water I cry too ;)