Saturday, July 20, 2013


Several years ago, I got a job.  It was a good job all around--it sent me to London and gave me all kinds of bonuses and perks and promotions.  Of course, it was also sometimes dull and frustrating because that's what jobs do at times.  But overall, it was a good experience and I've been happy and lucky to have a steady job the last 3+ years.  Now that I have a new job, Drewbles and I decided it was time to retire from cataloging and work from home instead.  Even though my co-worker is lazy and sometimes yells at me, I like this new job. 

So last Friday morning I went to collect all my trinkets and doodads.  Here is what I came home with:

It's actually a pretty good summary of my work experience.  Let's examine!  

For the sake of my timecard, I had to keep track of all the records I did in a day and I used post-its to do it.  For some reason I kept them all:

I also wound up with a whole lot of papers, thanks to various trainings and paperwork for a whole lot of contracts I worked on.  For some reason I kept all of them also:

Everything else I brought home used to live on my desk, like a lot of figures:





And some random things, like stickers from clementines:

So, now begin the days of being at home and clipping coupons and folding laundry!  I am happy to be at home with my little bird, but I won't deny that I would like to do something, at some point, to make a little moolah of my own.  Drew thinks I should start an etsy shop with Care Bear tummies and mobiles.  We'll see about the meantime I have to figure out what the heck to do with all this stuff.

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  1. You may have quit your go-to-work job, but you definitely still have full-time employment, and you're so great at it!