Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Harry Potter Day

Today is Harry Potter's birthday!  As per tradition, we celebrated by having a full English breakfast for dinner.  

As per new tradition, we dressed Babyface up and took a lot of pictures.  Why wait for Halloween?  Not that he'll be Harry Potter for Halloween.  I mean, he might be...I don't know!  Except I do.  Ahem.  This is the picture I posted on Facebook...

...and here are some of the other cute ones.  (The onesie is another iron-on--which I have decided is the easiest way to make something awesome.)

Story: We took all these pictures and then I remembered the pair of black shorts I meant to put on him.  So I drew that scar on again and we took more! 


Happy birthday, Harry!


  1. Haha..... you should dress up like Harry and hermione and put a pillowcase on him and big ears for Halloween :) Did I tell you Lily wants to be hermione for Halloween?

    1. Oh man, little Dobbys are so cute! I will have to remember that in the future. Somehow I don't think there will be enough Halloweens for all the cute things he could dress up as... Lily will make a great Hermione, though (physically speaking) she would be PERFECT for Luna too!

  2. Although, he is a cute Harry, his facial expressions are spot on :)