Thursday, February 20, 2014


There are some people in the world who spend thousands of dollars on a baby's room.  I cannot even fathom having thousands of dollars to spend on a baby's room, nor can I imagine actually doing it, if I had those hypothetical thousands.  Needless to say, we did not spend thousands on Babycakes's room, so here is a little tour of his economically sound room.  (Also, seriously guys, this is the LAST time I'll let his name slide into pictures!  For realsies.)

Pretty exciting right?  I found the crib on Amazon, but Walmart had the best deal (plus no shipping!).  I'm sure we could have found a nice used crib, but I really wanted to get exactly what I wanted.  I DID get the mesh bumpers used though.  

The chair came on loan from Drew's parents.  It rocks and reclines and has an ottoman, which is just what we wanted.  We have spent much time in it.  The bulletin board is one I've had since I was, oh, thirteen or so.  And is in sore need of updated pictures.

We bought this light on the pier at San Francisco.  It is amazingly bright, so it is not actually used right now, but I couldn't resist how perfect it was for our aquatic theme. 

Crafts are for babies! 

Boo Boo loves books.    

The corner, featuring an IKEA shelf and boxes, as well as arts from several of his relations--paintings by my sister, photos by Drew's sister, art from Drewbles and word art from me.  Also, Drew's other sister made the striped blanket hanging on the crib.  We have such artsy relations!

Photo books!  I love them.  Also Drew's praying bear from when he was a wee thing, and a jar of shells we have collected from assorted beaches.

I keep this fellow in here too.  Get back to work!!!!!1

And now for gratuitous baby-in-his-natural-environment pictures:

Pirate face?

 Starfish is the clear favorite in these parts. 

This was the very first time he pulled himself all the way up to standing!  Also, nice photobomb from the yellow fish.



  1. The anthropologist in you is coming out, taking pictures in his natural habitat. I'd say he looks happy there, but he always looks cute and happy :)

    1. I learned blog anthropology from the best! ;)

  2. Supercute room and boy.