Thursday, February 27, 2014

Niner Niner

It's hard to say when the bigger change happens, between these nine months:

Or these:

Personally, I think going from a microscopic little bead of life to almost nine pounds of life is the bigger change.  But even so, Babycakes has come so far from his sleepy, snuggly newborn days.  Sometimes I think it would be fun to spend the days holding him again, but it's so fun now I can't complain!

I love that little be-denimed bum.
"I see you have a camera, do let me take it."
I still got him once!

Mostly this month was a lot of "mores" continued from last month--crawling more (and faster), climbing more (and faster), cruising more (and faster), pulling up and down more (and faster).  Also more teeth!  First came the top right, followed rapidly by the top left.  Boo Boo is a good teether, I must say.  He's eating more solids and is a little chatterbox.  He says things like "dadadada" and "nananana" but doesn't really direct them toward anyone yet.   

Do not be deceived--he's been on a sweet potato strike all month.
At his checkup there were no shots (hurray!) and his stats are currently thus: height is 29 1/4 (80%), weight is 19.3 (27%) and his head is at 18.4 (87%).  I was surprised his weight wasn't up more, but then what can I expect when he is zipping around constantly?  He loves standing, loves crawling onto the dishwasher, loves books (to eat or read), loves the clamp on the door jumper (???), loves his bath toys, and loves to squirm away when I make him lie down.  He's also figured out how to fake cry, which is quite amusing.

Thank you, Target clearance, for this sweater.
Tearing things apart is also a big hobby.
So studious!
He's a happy little fellow, full of funny sounds and funny things.  Who knew babies could be so funny?

...and that they could grip so tightly...?

Sometimes I think about those days when I used to go to work every day.  There's more than one reason I'm glad I don't do that anymore, but mostly I'm happy I get to stay home with this fellow.  Even if he does sometimes try to pull my face off.


  1. He sounds like a bundle of fun! He's as tall as Graham too! Why in the world have we not planned a play date?? He's a cutie!!

  2. He's such a cutie! Also, just because the number rang a bell, 29 inches was the height limit for CB's carseat, and at 9 months we had to put her in a convertible car seat. Keep an eye on that tall boy!

    1. I am constantly looking up the car seat specs because I am always forgetting the limits, ha. Our works until 32" so I think we should be good for a little longer. I have definitely been thinking about all the convertible options though!

  3. Great update! He is just coming along. Those first two graphics are a great representation of the difference between the two same-length time periods!