Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Eighteen Months. Or So.

(Okay, technically nineteen months.)

Boo Boo is growing right up.  He's getting bigger all the time and smarter all the time too.  It's so fun to watch him get ideas, try things out and figure out the daily puzzles of life.  He is still pleasant, sweet and a great sleeper--thankfully those have never changed.  Mostly he has been changing in small ways, in what toys he likes and how he interacts things.  

This hat never gets old.
Yes, I cut his hair okay?!!?
It would be nice if he really only cost this much, hm?

He is really into every kind of vehicle lately.  Animals are still a big thing too and he loves stuffed animals, as he is my child.  Books have always been popular, but he says more of the words now and sometimes I hear him reciting parts to himself ("Mama? Dada? Wowwwww!").  In general I guess you would just say he's more interested in the world.

It's almost like Autopia, yes?
Some days you just don't want to get out of your jammies.

Some quick stats, for the record, for his last appointment: weight was 25.6 lbs (44%), height was 33.5 inches (80%) and head size was 19.5 inches (89%). 

Also he finally got a molar in on the bottom!  Sometimes I think it is a wad of gum.  The very tips of his top molars popped through WEEKS ago and haven't moved since.  Now for the big developments:

First, he graduated from the high chair and did so quite loudly and emotionally I must say.  Now he sits at the table in his cow booster and it's fun to see his little face at the table with us.  He's also much more interested in feeding himself and is really getting the hang of using a spoon.  As for forks, well, fingers are still easier.

He carefully gathered up all the rings and put them on the milk jug.
His favorite foods haven't changed too much--bananas, rolls, avocados, cheese of any kind, eggs.  And if he doesn't want it, well, he will tell you.

Speaking of telling and speaking of speaking, the second big thing is his recent explosion of language.  Just a week or two before Thanksgiving he started talking a little bit more and I got him saying "uh oh" and "tada!", which is cute.  But then it just exploded over the Thanksgiving holidays!  Puppy, kitty, hi, grandma, apple, orange, auntie, TRACTOR (all the time), truck, car, train, choo choo...everything.  And now he says all kinds of other words, mail man ("me-moh"), dog, airplane, baby, drink, water, bath, avocado ("haku"), bear, binky...it goes on and on.  I love his babbling sounds, but it is also fun to hear him say actual words in his cute little voice.  Especially when he says "nigh nigh mama."
No, I could not resist the Yoda hat.  Come on, it's so funny!

Oh, I must also add that now he's eighteen months, he goes to nursery at church!  I was nervous, I can't deny it.  But honestly...why do I ever worry about him adapting to things??  We took him in, he saw trucks and has been happily going to nursery ever since.  Seriously, why do I worry?  Going from the bassinet to the crib?  No problem.  Eating solids?  Cool.  Weaning?  Easy peasy.  Moving?  Didn't even notice.  Airplane flights?  Perfect!  

So I should probably stop worrying about how he'll deal with the Poppy.


  1. I love reading and seeing about his progress!

  2. Whenever Rose sees a picture she says, "Charlie, my friend". I love it! He's practically perfect in every way.