Friday, December 12, 2014

Regarding the Poppy

Considering I have less than a week left in the second trimester (*fist pump*), I should probably say something about this wee little sprite we call the Poppy. Let us cast our minds back many months, to last winter/early spring. I was putting laundry away and the thought came to me that there was a baby waiting to come. I knew it was a girl and I knew her name*. But the time wasn't right so she sat down on the bench to wait.

But when the time was right (or WAS it, considering we were getting ready to move? I need to plan the timing better...), she was too. We called her the Poppyseed because that was her size when we found out. I must confess I waffled a little bit on gender predictions, but I will also say the waffling didn't start until we thought of a really good boy name, ha. Her name was shortened to the Poppy once we knew she was a girl (high fives, Intuition), and she has been growing like a weed lo these many months.  

So how is the second time around, you ask?  Well, in many ways it's an exact deja vu of last time.  Barfing, exhaustion, heartburn, general grossness, a serious lack of motivation, constant starvation, constant desire for mac and cheese. Everything except the heartburn let up around week 20, but there are always ups and downs. 

What can I tell you about the Poppy?  Well, like the Speck she wants food all the time. She also moves all the time, all over. Up, down, this side, that side, in the back, up front.  All over. If the heartburn is any indication, she will be born looking like Rapunzel.  And that's the extent of my intuition.

The only other point of significance is that the placenta is really low, right on the edge of blocking the exit (so to speak).  So we've had two ultrasounds now, with a third scheduled to see if it's going to move (the doctor is hopeful). If it doesn't, it means another c-section, which is fine--I mean, healthy baby is the first priority, but it's kind of a bummer as I was planning on a VBAC. But it's out of my hands either way. So I will hope along with the doctor and watch the Poppy squirm all over for another ultrasound (all over).

So, that is the status of the Poppy!  She wiggles, she pokes, she tap dances, she looks like an alien from the outside.  Since we have less than three months to go (!), after the holidays there will be room painting and blanket making and projects galore!  That will be the fun part.  Mostly because I don't have to do the actual painting. 

*It's Hepzibah. Of COURSE.

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