Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Picture a Thanksgiving

This year, for the first time, I took Drewbles to my Missouri homestead for Thanksgiving.  It was long overdue and we all had a great time.  Babycakes was perfect on our two-leg flight there, even though I had to get him out of bed at 5 AM to go to the airport.  Dream baby.

I must confess to not taking many pictures while we were there, but that just means we were having too much fun to take pictures!  We played tons of games, board and Wii, watched movies, good and terrible, and ate ate ate ate and ate until we could eat no more (then we ate some more).  

Boo Boo slept happily in the pack and play and loved all the extra attention.  Plus Grandma's house has a bunch of neat toys we don't have, like a toy vacuum.  Anyway, like I said, a grand time was had by all and here are pictures to illustrate, oh, like three days out of the whole trip.  So, picture this...

...carving Tyler's homegrown pumpkins for our pumpkin pies.

...trying on cousin Rose's boots and then making this face.  lololololol
(It was just coincidence that he happened to be wearing what looks like old timey undies...)
...a very cold race on Thanksgiving morn.
(Very cold.) up a storm of Thanksgiving food.
...the Thanksgiving spread.  Mmm, turkey.

...mmmm, pies.  (Not pictured: the spoils of Babylon THREE visits to Slice of Pie.
...a trip to the Zoo, where Drewbles got his annual senior portrait taken.
...hanging out in a den of some kind.
...someone REALLY wanted to play with the stroller.
(I would like to note that I bought Boo Boo's shirt at Kohls on Black Friday for $1.50.  It wasn't a deal, just clearance.  [That was all I bought.])

...cousins being super cute.

(If they were in a band together, I think this would be their album cover.)

(*insert Drew singing "Sisters Do"*)
...traditional picture taking!  Did I mention Sarah is due a week before me?
Here's some proof.  (No, that is NOT my belly button.)
...grands and gorillas.  Okay, just gorilla.
...hee hee.  That face!  That other face!  Those faces!

Little cheese.
And so we went and thus we returned in the Decembertimes.  We came back with many new treasures for Boo Boo, including tractors and puzzles.  We even brought back a Christmas present or two (or Diablo three) and some things for the Poppy as well!  Thanks for the fun times, family!  Too bad we didn't take pictures of all those games of Rummikub.


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  2. What a great collection of pictures! My favorite was definitely Charlie in Boots with The Face. I laughed aloud for a good while over it (among others). And great clearance find!

  3. Fun, fun! Now I am wondering if I even need to post anything :) You covered it so nicely.