Friday, November 19, 2004

Expecto Patronum!

Friday is here at last. As a change of pace, I did homework tonight. Yes, friends, I have begun work on the behemoth that is my Maya paper. I got three full pages done tonight--only 7 more! It's going faster than I thought it would so that's not too bad. I always get nervous about having enough to say...that usually turns out to be a groundless fear though.

I have been listening to the POA soundtrack for many hours since Wednesday. I now proclaim, with the full authority that is Me, that it is the best full soundtrack that John Williams has ever done. Why is this? Basically because it's interesting, even when it's separated from the movie. He does good themes, but, come on, his "filler music" is kind of boring to listen to on its own. These are my current John Williams-related thoughts.

In a related story, much Harry Potter news today. First off, a director has been hired for Order of the Phoenix, and I believe it is set for Summer 2007. That sounds so far away but... isn't really. I'm excited anyway though. So those kids are going to be twenty something by the time they finish. That's fine with me though since they'll just get better at this whole "acting" thing. By the time Harry Potter and the Canonical Prophecy rolls out, they'll be Oscar worthy! (And Dan will have learned how to cry)

Rumor has started about the Half-Blood Prince being released next summer. This sounds pretty logical to me, and I very much hope it is true.

While working on a paper last night I drop a glob of nacho cheese on a paper. Fortunately it was a paper from two years ago. I licked it off anyway. Tasty.

Today I had to staple about 25 pages together and my stapler couldn't handle it. So I did it manually. That is my level of dedication.

Speaking of tasty, I am hungry. Hungry for werewolf.


  1. I reference your first line: Does this mean that all of the other nights you were out binge-drinking and partying with all of the other BYU "co-eds"?

    Also, is this a true rumor of a "Canonical Prophecy"?

    If you like werewolf, you should try chicken, or old nacho cheese sauce film, just the filmy-top-layer mind you!

  2. That chez film sometimes reminds me of a Buggar. Pretty gross, but still fills the stomach! We now own POA and will make sure that it never is DOA. I'm tired of being down with OPP as well as cheese fries sticking to my rear end, when i sit down at a ballpark. Hope your paper is fun, and not droll like my backpacking in western europe.