Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reluctantly Floating On

Well. I took my second test for Maya art just now. It took 2 hours, after 6 hours of studying today. I've done all the reading. I've never missed class. I take copious notes that take me much time to read through. You'd think this would warrant some kind of...something. Turns out it warranted a 70%. Yeah, a freaking 70%. OK, OK, so that's not taking the short answers, dates and essays into consideration. There's also a slide quiz tomorrow that is tabulated. Still, this is not going to get near an 80%. This is very depressing to me. If I weren't so tired and hungry I might be angry enough to pop corn out the Maya people.

To make things worse, I was taking the test tonight and missed Lost. So I don't know what happened, and I missed my little ritual of Lost and clam chowder night. I only get half of that now. *sigh* It's a good thing I have ice cream.

I saw the video for the new Modest Mouse song this morning. I was kind of confused until I realized he was the crow, and not just a random body in the corn. I want to hear the song again. I can't remember it now, and there's no one online to hunt it down with mysterious methods. That is exactly why I need to be taught the Mysterious Methods.

Oh, and I, too, gave the enthusiastic metaphorical hat-throw-in-the-air this morning when I turned on CNN.

I don't want to study anymore. I want to sit in my bed and read Harry Potter. Is that too much to ask? I'd at least like to get an e-mail or something sometime. Maybe a song or two. Maybe a missil to launch at Palenque and Copan.



  1. O, there's a THE FIFTH ELEMENT: Ultimate Edition DVD(s) coming out on January 11th! This is exciting even though I own it!

  2. Smeagol commented on her own blog!! HAHA

  3. Well, I'm sorry about your test. I guess that goes to show what your clam chowder addiction will do to your grades.


  4. Hi blogstealer. Why'd you steal my blog?