Thursday, November 04, 2004

Tick Tock

Day two of the 70% Aftermath. Slide quiz today. Not too shabby, but not too splendid. I guess all there is to do is write a top-notch paper and completely spaz out about studying for the final. I got a 9 1/2 (out of 10) on the last paper so that's something. It'll boost me up at any rate.

Yesterday morning I saw the music video for a song so bad I thought the only possible explanation was some kind of joke. A really bad joke. What do Shania Twain and Mark Mcgrath make? A party for two is what they want you to think. A really, really sucky song is the real answer. If anyone needs a laugh, I recommend watching the video (the double whammy of picture and sound is really great) pronto.

On my way to class today I squished a sizeable spider. I was walking on past but it started heading towards an unsuspecting hall sitter. So I casually "looked at a poster" and put the smack down. I'm still waiting for my medal. I'm also still wondering if anyone saw it and cleaned it up. I sure as heck didn't.

I have too much to do this weekend. Well, I guess "too much" implies impossibility, which it isn't. But it seems like too much when all I want to do is sit around and read Harry Potter, possibly while consuming mass quantities of Velveeta. And ice cream. Pumpkin ice cream. Mmm.

I have reached the conclusion that, in general, Progresso soups are better than Campbell's Chunky soup. At least the cream/chowdah kinds are better. Progresso's New England Clam Chowder is splendid, while Campbell's ham and potato chowder is...average. This is my recommendation.

Oops, wait... Erm, you're breaking up... *Fzzzt* --you say? *Snazzzt* I-- *Fritzzzzzzzzzzz*


  1. 3 cheers for The Reimbursor, Winner of the Avery!

  2. Reimubursor just cheered for himself. Heh. I think that velveeta has the consistency of a really nasty floop of phlem during the winter, you know, the kind that stick to your monitor when you sneeze. One time Hermoine sneezed phlem all over my wizard robe, was a good day to die.

  3. I definitly disagree about the Progresso soup. Campbells Chuncky is the best, but I never eat the chowdah only the Beef Barley, which is much better as a Campbells