Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Some people think I don't blog anymore. Some people think I haven't blogged since the fall of Rome. Some people are crazy.

Unlike a lot of people of my acquaintance I voted. I sent in my ballot last week and I feel pretty pleased about that. We'll see how it turns out. *crosses fingers*

In other news, I like Harry Potter.

In other stupid news, I love that MTV has these "Inform your Vote" things that are all "impartial" and stuff. After this speal they show two anti-Bush videos in a row. I mean, I know there aren't any anti-Kerry videos but Keane is always a nice alternative. In short, when MTV trys to be "intelligent" it is always much of the suck.

In other cool news, the Do Not Disturb sign disappeared from the Mysterious Door on JKR's website. So after much cheating, I got past the riddle and read three of the chapter titles. Hurrah! I have no idea what Draco's detour is, I think Felix Felices (sp) is a spell and I have no idea who/what the spinner is and what its end is. (Though my first thought was Aragog. My second was Trelawney but I can't explain that one)

I was reading a HP fanfic once upon a time, involving much death and intrigue. Unfortunately, someone slacked off and the end will forever be a mystery to me. I am currently considering posting it in some sort of fanfic community, just to get a reaction. Perhaps that will cause an ending to be written--pleadings from confused readers!

Doesn't a bagel with cream cheese sound perfectly lovely? I drool for it the way I drooled (gracefully, mind you) for Ritz sandwiches this past weekend. *Drools*



  1. You haven't blogged since the rise of the Byzantine Empire. What's your damage?

  2. When you drool does spit come out the side of your mouth?

    I voted too, and only because MTV told me to. I do anything they say, because they know what is hip, and of course they are impartial. All of Hollywood is impartial. Even Harry Potter is impartial. I think Harry would vote for Nader, because Harry will soon be unveiled as the Green Wizard as seen in Gauntlet Legends. And Green always stand for Nader.

  3. Welcome back, Green Wizard. Hey Smeagol, I mean, Hey Reboot.

  4. ReBoot versus The Animatrix