Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Commencing Countdown

My head is going to explodeeeeeeee. POA is out next Tuesday! So close, yet so so so far away. I sat in the shadow of three POA posters for nearly two hours tonight. I heard a commercial for it. I am listening to the soundtrack right now. A meltdown is imminent.


As consolation I saw my sister and my rapidly growing nephew (all memory of me was long gone). And I got new socks. Soft, soft socks. And a bagel, which is much more exciting than it sounds.

Oh, on that Christmas-related list, I forgot to put Unleashed Boba Fett.

Back to Harry Potter. This may be a first: a John Williams score I genuinely like. This is not helping to prevent a meltdown though.

Moving, this is so good. I feel like I'm flying Buckbeak. You know, Buckbeak was a really good part of that movie. Such a great improvement (technically) over Fluffy. And the Cave Troll. And Firenze. *flies*

Who watched Lost tonight? I SO figured out last week that it was the French lady that caught Sayid. So, about this "sickness." I mean, clearly she's kind of nuts, but were the other people really sick or was she just really sick out of her gourd? Just another mystery. I bet she knows what the Invisible Dinosaur really is.

This movie is so good. OK, time to be quiet now. Sleep sleep.


  1. When you say "meltdown" do you mean that your going to start watching M*A*S*H?

    I saw L*O*S*T it seems to be the "feel good hit" of the season.

  2. I think that America's Next Top Model is the feel good hit of the season and L*O*S*T*S is the heartwarmer of the season. Top Model was so cool yesterday. They had to speak the japanese and they were awful at it. The Simpsons are going to Japan!