Friday, December 17, 2004

Crimanitly Trigger

I'ver received some harsh accusations against my lack of blogging lately. As some justification for my actions (or lack thereof) let me just say I wrote a whole blog last night and blogger failed to produce it. It included insightful information, like the funniness of the Ralph/Bart play date Simpsons episode. "The pointy kitty took it!"

I bought two fantastic Christmas presents today. Guaranteed to impress and amaze. Possibly stupefy.

*drumroll* I bought Extended ROTK last night. Hurrah! I haven't watched it yet, but I should be done packing soon... The excitement is building! Always building! It's such a pretty blue case too. I saw the extra special edition with Minas Tirith. I think more than Minas Tirith I want the Howard Shore DVD. Minas Tirith looked ultra sweetbees, but, just to make myself feel better, I focus on how it's a little dark. Not as white as it should be! I cling to this thought. And the thought that ebay will have them for years to come. *Sigh*

I watched Bourne Supremacy the other day. Such a sweetbees movie.

Well, friends, I think the time has come. Packing must be done. And possibly some eating...and hopefully some RoTK-ing. On the second day, look to my blog.

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  1. How come your blog which professes to be about "Harry Potter Mania" didn't report that there was another, unlooked for, previously unknown book discovered in the tombs below Jakarta?