Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Itchy Ears

My ear itches. Inside. Where I cannot follow.

Who watched Lost? Dude, that whole "He wasn't on the plane!" thing freaked me out for a minute because I thought they weren't going to give the culprit away until next week. Phew. Seriously though, who is this dude? And freaky freakiness with Locke's eyes in that dream. Eesh. I can't wait for next week. Oh, question of the day-- did the psychic get Claire on the plane so that she would have to raise the baby or did he see her dying on the island and he wanted them both to die? My guess is that he wanted her to raise the baby, but I don't really see how this kid could be significant until it's like a teenager. And, I'm sorry, I don't think Lost is going to be on in 13 years. I mean, they could pull a soap switch and replace the baby with an older kid in about a year... cause, you know...that happens. Obviously Abrams has something in mind here.

Gary Oldman (as Sirius Black) was nominated for a People's Choice award for "Best Villain." I guess the people didn't realize that he's not a villain. I always thought that was the real qualifying trait for that category. My bad.

I think my phlegm-filled head is beginning to empty. That's the good news of the day. My ear still itches though.

And just a treat for y'all, I've got some good links here. Very educational.
The earth is what?
Fuel to the Movie Cynic Fire


  1. Oh Smeagol, I thought your head has been emptying years now. Use the element that brings life.

  2. I think you need to stop using the element that mocks me.

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