Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Monkey Sea

Well, it's Wednesday again. Lost is on, airing the two episodes I missed the first time around. That's exciting. Also exciting: I finally finished Unfinished Tales completely for the first time. Great stuff in there. I think Turin's story is my favorite out of all the First Age tales. It's so sad for him though.

I have a few thoughts on Prisoner of Azkaban, after watching it this past week. The director, Alfonso Cuaron or somesuch, said on the DVD that he took the story and the central theme and then stripped off anything that didn't add to that theme (the theme being the one about Harry and death etc.). I think in some ways this was an excellent idea that made the book-to-movie transition much smoother. But I also think it cost some characters some very important developments of their own. For instance, it left out Ron's enthusiasm at being the topic of conversation after Sirius's attack. This was really the first time Ron's occasional envy of Harry showed up, before it shows itself more clearly in GOF. Leaving out Hermione's too-many-classes stress doesn't show that she finds her academic limits. And, of course, the abridged Shrieking Shack scene (I go along with 90% of the changes but I still maintain that that scene should be longer) leaves out all of Lupin's development, as well as some for James (and, by extension, Harry). So, in short, it's a good idea that maybe was taken too far in regards to some characters. (And of course I'm not talking about adding lots of scenes, just a small handful of short moments)

That concludes today's Harry Potter thoughts. Oh, and that I rock at the trivia game.

Next in today's business: It's almost 2005. Halfway to 2010! Let us enjoy these single digit years while we can.

I saw the Kingdom of Heaven trailer yesterday. I imagine Ridley Scott had a checklist with him while making this movie. "Let's see...drifting snow, check. Desert scenes, check. Female soloist, check. Battles in said drifting snow, check. Noble speeches by combat leaders, check. Oscar be checked."

Ah! Just what the world needed: another Pride and Prejudice remake.

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  1. Kingdom of Heaven looks typical not oscar worthy. Now the next XXX that could do some damage- especially to my opinion of Willem Dafoe.